About The German Pinscher Dog Guide Family

We are GP fans, to the heart!

Hi there! Welcome to the German Pinscher Dog Guide website! We’re Christine and Jeremy, and we love GPs!

Our first German Pinscher, Tucker, joined our family in 2021, and we started this website as a way we can document all we learn about this wonderful dog breed.

A Bit About Christine

Christine has a gift for working with dogs. She loves working with dog training and developing positive training techniques. Her love for dogs has been a lifetime in the making, but her ability to train came to life when Tucker joined the family.

A Bit About Jeremy

Coming from a veterinarian’s household, Jeremy’s no stranger to dogs and animals of many types. Specializing in the husbandry of exotic animals, Jeremy created and runs a specialty pet shop and has successfully bred multiple species in captivity to aid in their propagation.

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