Tucker, the German Pinscher, with Christine. Are German Pinschers Good Apartment Dogs? Find out at GermanPinscher.Dog.

Are German Pinschers Good Apartment Dogs?

Are German Pinschers good apartment dogs? The answer depends on the size of the apartment and the dog’s toys and lifestyle. Dogs and apartments don’t often go well together. Looking at that cute German Pinscher by the pet shop, you would wish to cuddle it day and night. However, considering that you live in an apartment, are German Pinschers actually good apartment dogs?

German Pinschers could live comfortably in a two-bedroom apartment (2 bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom, living room, dining room) at minimum, with an extensive exercise and training regimen. GPs are highly intelligent and very active, being an athletic breed. Therefore, you must compensate with appropriate walks and mental stimulation like training.

In this article, let us talk about the German Pinscher and the apartment and how to make it possible.

Can a German Pinscher Live in an Apartment?

Are German Pinschers Good Apartment Dogs? No, German Pinschers like Tucker, shown here on the sofa, require extensive exercise, stimulation, and play time. These are difficult to meet in an apartment setting, but not impossible. Learn More at GermanPinscher.Dog.
Our GP, Tucker, hanging out on the sofa. Our house is small, so it’s similar to a large apartment in some ways.

Nothing is impossible with determination and will. A German Pinscher does have the means to live in an apartment, no doubt. However, your German Pinscher will thank you (with love and dog kisses, of course) if you at least have a small yard for your German Pinscher to run around with and enjoy.

Making compromises to be able for your German Pinscher to live in an apartment is not easy for your German Pinscher and your part. That is why we have listed a few tips that may help you and your German Pinscher to live in an apartment. After all, if you are going to live together, you might as well make things enjoyable for both of you (your German Pinscher and yourself).

Play Time is Essential

German Pinschers are a very playful breed and one that always constantly needs exercise too. Allotting time to play with your German Pinscher is essential to intellectually challenge your German Pinscher and allow you to have some downtime and bonding time with your dog. Use this time of playing to foster loyalty and bonding between the two of you.

If you live in an area with a park or a strolling area nearby, make sure you capitalize on that. Taking your pup out on a stroll in the park or by the streets allows them to socialize and be familiar with the environment. Moreover, it provides another opportunity for exercise, not only for your German Pinscher but for yourself too.

If you think your area is too unsafe for outside strolls or too busy, make sure to have a small yard near your apartment, or if that is not possible, make sure to have sufficient space indoors for you and your dog to play.

There are many games that you can play with your German Pinscher. You can make them play tug of war with you, but make sure not to play it while your German Pinscher is teething, as this can result in their teeth being crooked. Moreover, while playing tug of war, be sure to take note of the temperament changes so that your German Pinscher will not turn overly aggressive.

Another game you can play is playing catch, but be sure not to have too much fun so that you will prevent paying damage fees to your landlord. Moreover, you can also play simple games, such as finding objects hidden around your apartment. Be sure always to assert positive reinforcement for your dog to feel especially attached to you.

Only use the STRONGEST of toys for a GP. Not only are they smart, but they are also strong for their size. Check the latest deals here.

Training is a must

Training is an essential part of apartment living for your German Pinschers. If you must know, German Pinschers are barking dogs, and they will bark at anything remotely interesting. If you start receiving noise complaints from your neighbors, that’s a surefire way to know that your German Pinscher has been a bit too curious and too naughty while you are away from your apartment. (2)

Do not wait until the first complaint to train your German Pinscher. German Pinschers are brilliant dogs who would like good training for them to be “intellectually challenged.” Not only that, but simple commands such as “sit” and “stay” may be able to help your German Pinscher to at least not be too rowdy when something is going on.

You need a solid and positive training program for your GP. Check out the latest books on Amazon.

Alone time: German Pinschers are not “alone” dogs

German Pinschers are not very fond of being left alone. It is why training is essential for them as it keeps them quiet while alone. Moreover, since they are an intelligent dog breed, it may be difficult for them to stay stimulated while alone, so be careful and be very wary when you leave your German Pinscher alone.

Leaving them alone cannot only result in noise but it can also result in a lot of home breakage, so keep your expensive breakable stuff away! Since German Pinschers are easily distracted by other noises, turn on the television and the fan while you leave them in the apartment so they will not react too much to the traffic outside.

Pro Tip: You’ll want to train your German Pinscher to sleep in a crate, kennel, or indoor dog house. They might whine a bit when they are young, but don’t wait to train them to have their own bed. And NEVER use sending them to bed as a punishment. Instead, use a muzzle as punishment. That way, they won’t ever associate going to bed as bad. We gave our Tucker a treat when he went to bed like he was told, which worked well because GPs are 100% food-driven.

If you need a good and gentle muzzle that works well to discourage bad behavior, check the latest prices here.

When they are alone, provide them with mental stimulation by giving them puzzles, toys, and a lot of treats (or a treat dispenser), and make sure to keep the television on so they have some form of stimulus to pass the time. You can also buy pet webcams to observe them from work.

Keep them Clean

There’s nothing more horrible than going home only to find your German Pinscher all smelly and dirty from the natural elements (be it water and dirt or even feces or a dead animal they rolled in). Make sure they are potty trained to keep themselves and the apartment clean. Moreover, they should be showered once in a while to prevent unnecessary odor (and wouldn’t it be embarrassing to have your neighbor complain about a dead body smell from your apartment?)

Set boundaries

German Pinschers may seem too cute to resist, but always be very wary of setting boundaries. No matter what you do, always remember that you are in charge, and you are responsible for your consequences and the consequences of the things your pet German Pinscher also does. 

When your German Pinscher wants to climb up the bed, always assert that your bed is your space, and they have spaces of their own too. They should also know the areas where to pee and where to poo.


When raising dogs in apartments, it is easy to forget that they must always be socialized. It is because life can get too busy for you to take notice. However, when raising dogs, especially a German Pinscher, it is essential to socialize with them.

Socializing has many benefits. Not only does it foster the development of a more desirable temperament, but it also helps your dog not make too much noise in your apartment. Moreover, socializing on your part helps your dog not get too aggressive around strangers. It is good to prevent preventable biting incidents.

To socialize your pet German Pinscher, take them out on walks daily on different routes. Keeping them walking on the same route day today will get old and boring after a while. Make sure that if you are hiring dog walkers, you are hiring one with a multitude of diversity.

Socialize your German Pinscher with your other pets or with the pets of others. It is so that they will also not assert too much aggression toward other pets.

How To Make Your Apartment Puppy Ready

Are German Pinschers Good Apartment Dogs? Find out at GermanPinscher.Dog from Jeremy, Christine, and Tucker.
Here’s Young Tucker in all his “puppyness” and glory. What a handful. Get ready; these dogs are brilliant.

Making your apartment ready is not only a tiring and excruciating process, but it can also be mentally and financially draining as well. For these reasons, we have constructed a list to help you get your apartment puppy-proof. Preparing your apartment for that doggo will be better in the long run as it can reduce stress on your part, and your furniture and your neighbor will also thank you.

Divide spaces

When it comes to ensuring your apartment will still be as pristine as ever (although the odds are not strictly in your favor), it is best to designate an area as a puppy area. Better yet, keep this area as desirable as possible, as this will now be the place where your pet German Pinscher hangs out most of the time. 

To make sure your pet is kept in this particular space most of the time, install baby gates to close off or allow entrance to an area when deemed necessary. Make sure that this space also contains your pet’s treats or, better yet, a treat dispenser (although when weight and eating problems arise, you may want to control their diet). It would be much more desirable if this space was made of tiles or vinyl.

Dogs actually like the smell of vinyl, cement, and tiles. It is because this smell is similar to the minerals found in your pet dog’s diet. 

Keep dangerous items out.

There are many things considered dangerous when it comes to dogs. It may come in the form of toxic food. Food like raisins and grapes, chocolates, onions, and other materials, like muriatic acid, other cleaning materials, and essential oils, are toxic to humans. Other dangerous items may be those that pose a choking hazard.

If an item poses a choking hazard for children aged three and below, keeping it as far as possible from your pet German Pinscher may be best. Other items may include electric cables and beautiful chew toys for your dogs. If you want to reduce the risk of electrocution on your dogs, you better buy them chew toys to keep them busy.

Lids must be closed

You may not think that the dog will not find your toilet water attractive, but news flash– they do. For them, your toilet bowl is a consistent and reliable source of water, despite not knowing what kind of elements have been through there. To make sure that this does not happen, close the lid of your porcelain throne, and it would be more commendable to buy a dog water bowl or two extra if you’re inclined to forget to refill and clean it daily (shame on you!).

Another lid that must be closed is the trash can lid. Dogs love to rummage through trash cans, especially puppies. Trash cans not only have millions of bacteria and viruses that may harm your dog but also contain toxic chemicals and choking hazard materials. Again, buying your dog some toys will alleviate this problem significantly.

Especially when going out of the apartment, make sure to buy or have a massive stash of toys for your German Pinscher to play with and enjoy. It will help your dog be busy, mentally stimulated, and, most of all, keep your furry friend away from potentially other dangerous tasks. Make sure to refill his toy cabinet with new toys once in a while too.

Soundproof your apartment

It will be very problematic when you get a lot of noise complaints from your neighbors. It is where soundproofing your apartment comes in. Not only does it allow your neighbors to sleep peacefully at night or work at home in silence during the day, but it will also help your dog not notice other noises outside the apartment that may trigger him to bark. Additionally, soundproofing allows you to be more reckless with your audio levels while giving you more privacy.

Soundproofing an apartment is no easy task. However, you may start by buying acoustic blankets, carpets and rugs, acoustic curtains, and more. Make sure to be creative while doing this process to ensure that your apartment still looks and feels modern after the whole process.

Frequently Asked Questions About German Pinschers In Apartments

What if my landlord does not allow pets? What should I do?

Keeping your pets a secret from your landlord is not a good move. Not only does this risk you and your dog from eviction, but it also will be very detrimental for your dog as this means that it will be harder for them to go out whenever they may want to.
If you live in an apartment with a no-pet policy, try talking with the landlord about possible options. Not only that, but you can also build a pet resume and offer compensation or what others may refer to as a “pet deposit.” You can also bring your pet with you while talking to the landlord or landlady to acquaint them with the said pet in the discussion.

How big are German Pinschers, and do they fit in my apartment?

Although it may vary with your apartment, most German Pinschers will fit easily in apartments that are a minimum of 2 bedroom as most of them are only 17 to 20 inches tall when full-sized. However, German Pinschers in an apartment will need 5-7 walks per day and about 5 km total distance walked per day minimum. They are very active and highly intelligent, so be prepared to entertain them.

Are German Pinschers beginner-friendly?

No, German Pinschers are definitely NOT for everyone, and certainly not for first-time dog owners. German Pinschers require a lot of training, exercise, and stimulation, all of which are taxing to new pet owners.

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