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The Exciting German Pinscher Whippet Dog Mixed Breed Explained

The German Pinscher Whippet dog is obviously a mixed breed, crossing the GP and Whippet. If you want a brave yet utterly devoted companion, the German Pinscher is your perfect partner. But if you prefer one who has a friendlier personality and is highly affectionate for the family, then the Whippet fits your card.

The German Pinscher or ‘GP’ originated in Germany between the late 1700s and was primarily developed to eradicate vermin. Though this breed became nearly extinct in the early 1800s, West German Werner Sung began breeding GPs after World War II to save the breed. The GP was recognized as a breed in 1895 and was first imported into the United States in the late 1970s.

On the other hand, the Whipper was developed in Lancashire and Yorkshire, Northern England, during the late 1700s, by crossing Greyhounds with fast long-legged terriers. Commonly used by poachers to hunt rabbits on local estates. England’s Kennel Club recognized the Whippet as a breed in 1891 and was first registered with the American Kennel Club in 1888. Today, the Whippet takes 60th place among the 155 breeds recognized by the American Kennel Club.

How The GP And Whippet Differ

As you juggle your thoughts on these breeds, let us break down some details between the GP, Whippet, and German Pinscher Whippet mix.

The muscular, agile, powerful, and graceful German Pinscher is medium-sized yet elegant. GPs are called working dogs and guard dogs; they can adapt to many living situations and have a high intelligence level. Just a heads-up, though, these Pinschers will hunt vermins, so best take note to keep them away from such. In return, GPs offer excellent companionship and bark at the top of their lungs, and, despite its medium size, it is pretty brave and lays all it got. The GP is skillful at being a guard dog and gets quite suspicious of strangers; it accepts your friends but tends to be more alert to folks you don’t know. GPs are not advisable for households with children below the age of nine; they also do better in open areas like yards and the like.

On the contrary, whippets have friendly personalities and great family companions, regardless of whether you’re in an apartment or not. They also enjoy playing with kids and like the company of other dogs! The cliché dogs-and-cats type of relationship may be evident among Whippets. Most of the time, they do not go along with cats; there are even cases where Whippets have killed family cats, so never leave them alone if you need to make them interact with each other.

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How The Gp And Whippet Mix Different From GPs Or Whippets

The German Pinscher Whippet is a bit different from a purebred GP, like Tucker here in 2021 at Farmer Jer's house.
Here’s young Tucker, a purebred German Pinscher. They are an incredible breed.

The GP and Whippet may be friendly, but some of their personalities may differ. Combining these two energetic dogs requires MUCH attention; wait, isn’t it the point of having one? Though, as a responsible and loving pet owner, you already knew that.

The German Pinscher Whippet or ‘Gippets’ (GP and Whippets) tend to be friendlier and more straightforward in socializing among dogs than the GP breed. One must provide the attention this mix breed needs, a notch higher than its breed may require.

Unlike the Whippets, the mix requires more effort in terms of training. This trait may be taken from the GP’s personality as it requires focus when in the training field. It is quite an impressive return of investment once this mixed breed attains its skills through rigorous hours in physical activities. Remember to break down some stretched activities into smaller bits; you may assign daily schedules for the ‘Gippets’ so they will not be stressed or bombarded with tasks.

The GP-Whippet mix is an intelligent breed. The Whippet may be cuddly and clingy at times, but the mix is quite dominant and may overpower its owner at times. So best equip yourself with the commanding authority with a side of positive commentary. Balance these two approaches and see your pet reach extraordinary lengths in terms of skills and abilities. Don’t get me wrong, all dogs best respond to positive feedback, and it’s just that you need to balance it with establishing who’s ‘alpha’ inside the room.

How Are The GP and Whippet The Same

The German Pinscher Whippet dog is a sight and a character to witness. Learn more at GermanPinscher.Dog.

The GP-Whippet Mix does not have much to differ from their breeds. Their size ranges may take after either the GP or the Whippet, as well as their weight. Their life spans from 12 to 15 years. The mix may also be prone to Dysplasia, Cataracts, and others. Hence, it would be best thought to monitor their health from time to time.

The ‘Gippets’ are aggressive and have quite a high prey drive. We believe that they take from both GPs and Whippets. They tend to get carried away once they’ve locked on chasing someone or something they think is worth chasing. The ‘Gippets’ may lose sight of focus once this happens, so be sure to be there as you would be the one to put them right back on track.

Since the GPs and the Whippets both require plenty of exercise, the German Pinscher Whippet or ‘Gippets’ must also be given ample time to exercise since it has a high energy level. The ‘Gippets’ are a fast-learning kind of breed. With the right approach and strategy for skill-based activities, their high intelligence level will bear abundant fruit.

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What To Expect With Your New German Pinscher Whippet Mix Dog

An all-around and all-purpose dog that likes to be involved all the time! The German Pinscher Whippet mix is a lovable yet fierce (to some) sight to behold. This mixed breed taps into most of the ideal traits of a great companion. A productive type of obedient and attentive pet rarely loses focus on the skillful matters at stake in training. This type of mixed breed asks to be part of any significant events in your life. The German Pinscher Whippet mix can be considered somewhat of a ‘family-oriented breed, as it is also friendly once it recognizes everyone around.

If you’re looking for a medium-sized dog that can be trained and affectionate, the German Pinscher Whippet mix is the one you’re searching for. A playful breed with a mind of its own, the ‘Gippet’ enjoys daily physical activities. Using positive reinforcement on them makes the relationship between both parties more productive and significant. The German Pinscher Whippet mix also fits to be stylish considering its size, and one can groom and style them in manners they think are ideal for them. These little breeds are also fit for sports such as flyball and lure coursing, so be in your best shape, as these active fellas may leave you panting and chasing your breath.

Consider all these characteristics and traits that this lovely breed exhibits. The GP and the Whippet are purebred dogs; you may find them mostly in shelters and rescues, which shows that they need your time and attention.

Also, be mindful of their lifestyle; make sure you bathe them in moderation, as they may dry out if done more than needed. Keep your floors clean.

Don’t tie your dog outside. Be there for your pup, especially on walks and hikes, and it is unfair for them to be confined in a small space and shackled to a dog house. Be responsible and include them in your daily activities as much as possible.

Treasure your relationship with this new mixed-breed German Pinscher Whippet. Pour out your love for them, and watch them reciprocate all your efforts and affection that you directed towards them back to YOU!

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