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5 Reasons Why A German Pinscher Is A Good Guard Dog

If you want to know if the German Pinscher is a good guard dog, you’re in the right place. I have been contemplating getting a guard dog for a few years. I discovered the amazing German Pinscher a few years back, and since we got Tucker (the most awesome GP ever!) I’ve learned that the breed makes a most excellent guard dog. Or rather, more of a watchdog, but guarding and watching are quite similar, so let’s run with it.

German Pinschers are excellent guard dogs. A German Pinscher can do more than alert you in case of an intruder; it can defend you and your family with everything it has.

German Pinschers are exceptional and loving guard dogs, but proper training is mandatory. So in this article, we will give you five reasons why a German Pinscher is a good guard dog. You will also learn the difference between a guard dog and a watchdog.

What Is a Guard Dog Really?

Tucker, the German Pinscher makes an excellent Guard Dog. He is proof that the German PInscher is a good guard dog.
Meet Tucker, my best friend, and German Pinscher. He would guard me and my wife with his life. He’s just big enough to be intimidating. Okay, maybe not in this picture, though.

Generally, dogs are protective creatures that have been watching over human beings and their properties for centuries. Unfortunately, our needs haven’t changed, and we still feel the need for loyalty, companionship, and security. 

Therefore, most folks have turned to dogs, but not all dog breeds are protectors. A considerable percentage of dog breeds can alert you in case of an intruder. Still, very few breeds are guard dogs, but that is not the case with German Pinschers.

Guard dogs have a protective instinct, especially for their families. Guard dogs are used to guard and protect properties against animal and human intruders. Even though both guard and watchdogs bark when they see intruders, only the guard dog charges at the intruders. German Pinscher is a good guard dog because it isn’t afraid to go after unwanted people with ferocity.

Even with proper training, a watchdog cannot charge strangers. But with a powerful yet loyal dog like the German Pinscher, you have a protector in your home. Guard dogs may seem intimidating, but they are the most loyal and intelligent dogs. Plus, several guard dog breeds make exceptional pets. The fact that they are loyal makes them the best pets on the planet.

5 Reasons Why a German Pinscher Is a Good Guard Dog

The German Pinscher is an exceptional medium-sized, low-barking dog breed that has the 

same origins as the Rottweiler and Doberman.

Therefore, a natural guard dog can do more than alert you when a stranger is in your compound. Besides being a loyal and exceptional guard dog, German Pinschers make excellent pets and can be a perfect addition to your family. So here are a few key reasons why a German Pinscher is a good guard dog:

  1. Its Physical Body Size 

The German Pinscher has a medium-sized body that weighs between 25 to 45 pounds and a maximum height of about 20 inches. This breed has a strong body and an elegant appearance. It has a powerful endurance ability and is quite muscular. It can efficiently deal with any intruder on your property and even scare some of the giant intruders (humans and animals).

The German Pinscher is smaller than the Dobermann and bigger than Min Pins. Plus, it is more related to Standard Schnauzers, another fearless breed, than Dobermans.

  1. It Is Fearless… Mostly

Another crucial characteristic makes this breed one of the best guard dogs available. The German Pinschers are naturally fearless, like the Dobermans and the Standard Schnauzers. Therefore, they can confront any intruder and disarm or scare them away. And being resilient, they won’t turn back even when the intruder tries to attack them, according to Wikipedia contributors.

You might wonder why I said mostly. Well, my GP, Tucker, is afraid of almost nothing. But there are some silly things he gets terrified of. Butane lighters make a sound that sends him running and hiding. Yet, he will stand up to the largest of dogs or people. So, in short, the GP is fearless… mostly. Still, it doesn’t go against why the German Pinscher is a good guard dog.

  1. German Pinschers Are Easy to Train

German Pinschers are brilliant dogs; they can even control their owners if not well trained. The fact that they are clever means that they love learning new things so that you can teach them new tricks. Remember, the German Pinschers are natural protectors, but without proper training, they can misbehave. Luckily, according to the AKC, they are easy to train and can become even better guard dogs with a good trainer.

  1. They Don’t Bark a Lot.  

Many dog breeds tend to bark a lot, even when no intruder is on your property. Frequent barking can be annoying, especially for folks living in apartments. Luckily, the best guard dogs, like German Pinschers, don’t bark a lot. So when they bark, it means that there is an intruder, and they are trying to alert you while scaring them away.     

  1. Loyalty Is The Main Reason Why The German Pinscher Is A Good Guard Dog

Some dogs are loyal, but very few beat a German Pinscher when it comes to loyalty. This character is one of the many reasons they are the best guard dogs. 

A well-bred dog can become a loving companion and a reliable protector. And the fact that it loves its owner and is loyal means that it can do everything possible to keep you and your family safe.

German Pinscher can also protect all the other pets in your compound. But make sure you do the introduction while they are still young. Doing this will make your dog loyal to everyone, including the other pets in your home.

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German Pinscher Guard Dog FAQs

Are German Pinschers Great Guard Dogs?

German Pinschers are devoted, strong-willed creatures that need a firm and consistent owner. Therefore, they need proper training, but the fact that they’re naturally suspicious of intruders makes them excellent guard dogs.

Is German Pinscher Good With Other Pets?

A German Pinscher is alert, confident, and protective of its family members. Therefore, they are great with pets and kids, but they tend to run after small animals thanks to their vermin-hunting solid instinct.

Are German Pinschers Aggressive?

German Pinschers are very aggressive towards other pets and people they don’t know. Therefore, if your compound has a yard, it must be securely fenced. The fence can help keep other dogs outside while preventing your dog from chasing after other dogs.

The Last Thought On GP Guard Dogs

German Pinschers are devoted, strong-willed, and loyal dogs that are always protective of their owners. They are naturally suspicious of animals and humans; therefore, they can chase after them and keep them out of your property. 

Their vermin-hunting instinct can make them hunt smaller animals. Still, generally, they are great with kids and the other pets in your compound.

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